Letter to Jason Perry, Mayor of Croydon

Firstly congratulations on getting yourself elected, it was a close run thing.

Secondly, The CRO hears that you are an affable kind of bloke which is a good thing. The last thing Croydon needs at the moment is a zealot. Hopefully your good nature will make sure that all residents of Croydon are represented at the Town Hall. After all, that is what residents were promised in the mayoral referendum.

What Croydon was sold in the referendum – will Jason Perry deliver?

The Mayoral election was very close with only 500 votes in that 2nd round run off. And you don’t need us to remind you that the Council itself is for the first time in Croydon’s history under no overall control with the Labour Party as the largest party. All of the elements in our local authority need to work together, with councillors from all parties being part of Council policy making and monitoring its implementation.

Croydon, along with the rest of country is facing a social emergency. Many Croydon residents will be suffering severe financial hardship as we head into next winter and Croydon has been starved of funding since 2012. Maybe you might have a little bit more luck persuading Boris Johnson’s government that Croydon needs more funding now, in fact Croydon has needed more funding for decades. Croydon, has seen changes to our demographics as lower paid people move out of the inner London boroughs which are getting more gentrified daily. Croydon has more people needing assistance from the council, yet the government refuse to consider changing Croydon’s funding level. Croydon gets around £200 per head less funding than our neighbours in Lambeth. So that’s 200 x 350,000 residents – that’s £70million. A year.

The CRO hopes that you are going to be able to lobby for this extra funding and any levelling up funding that may be available. We also hope that Boris Johnson and his government aren’t going to let you down.