Still waiting to see who’s in Croydon’s new cabinet

Seats at the cabinet table – still empty?

Still no word on who is going to be in Mayor Jason Perry’s cabinet despite nearly 5 working days having gone by since he was elected in a very close contest against Labour’s Val Shawcross.

As there is nothing concrete to go on, council-watchers are having to try to read the political tealeaves in order to figure out which councillors are going to be working closely with Croydon’s new Mayor.

The Mayor is able to choose a cabinet of 9 from among the elected councillors, each of which will have a particular portfolio. It is, however, far from clear how this cabinet should be made up. The Council itself is under no overall control and Labour councillors make up the largest group on the Council being just one seat short of having a majority. If the Greens, Liberal Democrats and Labour cooperate on the Council even if the Tories manage to hold on to South Croydon ward (which has one vacancy as Jason Perry is now Mayor) they would still only have 33 votes to Labour, Lib Dems and the Greens on 37. The CRO would suggest that the balance of the cabinet should at least reflect this breakdown.

Jason Perry at Purley Pool today along with Chris Philp MP, Deputy Mayor Lynne Hale and Councillor Jason Cummings

So far, it has been announced that Councillor Lynne Hale has been chosen as Jason Perry’s deputy mayor. Other than that, no word. However, looking at a picture of Jason Perry at Purley Pool today, he is accompanied by the Deputy Mayor, Chris Philp MP and Councillor Jason Cummings. Councillor Cummings represents Shirley South which is a long way from Purley, so is this appearance due to a new cabinet post coming his way?

Looking forward to hearing from the Mayor which other appointments he is going to be making and looking forward to seeing if his choice reflects the breakdown of representatives that the people of Croydon have chosen.