Out for the Count – Day 4

Another day at the count – pic from Your Croydon

It’s Sunday morning and before the count gets started again for what will (hopefully) be its final session here is a quick update.

Last night the Council count got going with the intent of dealing with 12 wards. Sadly, this did not happen as we have two wards that are, to use old fashioned election parlance – too close to call. These wards, Crystal Palace and Upper Norwood in Croydon North constituency and Waddon ward in Croydon South constituency. The Returning Officer has ordered a bundle check, where bundles of votes are checked quickly to ensure that no votes have been put into the wrong pile. If that doesn’t clarify things, full recounts could be ordered in both wards.

Click on this pic of the Council chamber for up to date detailed results

Politics geeks at the CRO like facts, figures, turnouts etc and there is lots of information to be found on the Council’s website, which is being updated as results come in.

It’s going to be busy at the count today, the CRO hears that there is a korfball match at Trinity School today as well as the count. It’s going to be busy.

….and it was, and we got into all sorts of problems trying to work with some seriously hi tech graphics provided by one of the political parties which caused the blog to fall over 😦 we are governance geeks here at the CRO so it all got a bit much for us. We traced the progress of the day on our Twitter account and if you click on the picture of a CRO below, that will take you straight there.

And the big news is that Labour have lost control of the Council and it is now No Overall Control. More tomorrow.

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