Election count chaos CRO@theCount

Croydon’s election count at Trinity School

4.52am – after a long and fraught night and and a couple of recounts, we finally have a result. Conservative Jason Perry has been elected as the first directly elected Mayor of Croydon, beating Val Shawcross by a margin of just short of 600 votes. Time to get home for all the candidates and workers – we are back here at 6pm tonight for the full Council count. We suspect that this is going to be another long night.

2.48am – the Mayoral count has still not concluded and the Council count has not been postponed until 6pm on Saturday, reconvening at 1pm on Sunday if necessary.

It’s a very tense night with Jason Perry going into the 2nd preference ballot 2000 votes ahead of Valerie Shawcross. The distribution of the second preferences has now taken place and the word is that Val Shawcross has closed the gap and there is now less than 200 votes in it. Sounds like recount territory to the CRO.

1.45am – Croydon’s delayed election count looks set to continue into tomorrow as rumours grow of a recount after severe delays caused by errors in the counting of the votes for the first preferences in the ballot for the new directly elected Mayor.

Candidates, their party workers and supporters, Council officers, count venue staff and of course, the press are preparing for a long night ahead as the Council election count hasn’t started as yet and is unlikely to before the mayoral result is declared. The mayoral count is now running 4 hours behind.

The second preference votes are now being distributed in a run off between Conservative Jason Perry and Labour’s Val Shawcross.

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